Blessing of the books

Saint John's Bible, Copyright Donald Jackson and Aidan Hart, Saint John's Bible Heritage Edition, St. John's Monastery in Collegeville, MN

Saint John’s Bible, Copyright Donald Jackson and Aidan Hart, Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition, St. John’s Monastery in Collegeville, MN

As a way to mark the arrival of the Saint John’s Bible, we picked up the two volumes from the loading dock, delivered them to the Darling library area where Diane’s work area is, and as a community, gathered to bless and open the Bibles before we took them to the Vault.  This coming Monday, the Pentateuch will be put in the exhibit case and the calendar of events will begin to unfold.

We began our short blessing by passing around the fresh figs picked especially for this occasion and used this prayer to begin our time together:

“God: Like the first fruits of the fig tree and every crop thereafter, we offer these sacred books to you for use in furthering the Kingdom in ways we could never imagine.  We thank you for the opportunity to have them here and ask that You will guide us in their use, protect these books from harm and prepare our community to receive the gift that they are.”

We then washed our hands, opened the boxes, thankful that the one volume that was late (arriving at 4pm) was finally here and then practiced removing them, turning their pages, and standing amazed at what we received.


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