Common Day of Learning – Speaking the Truth in Love

DSCN0764Azusa Pacific University hosts a Common Day of Learning every year to give the community in our university an opportunity to learn from one another around a particular theme.  This years theme was, Speaking the Truth in Love.

The University Libraries and the Art Department worked together on a collaborative project proposal for to the Common Day of Learning to share the Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition.   Here is the description for what we presented:

Turn the Pages: The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition

Luba Zakharov, M.A., MTS, MLS, MFA, University Libraries Librarian and Curator; Lyrica Taylor, Ph.D., Department of Art and Design, Jeffrey Hansen, APU Student

Our understanding of Christian faith has been handed down to us through the written Biblical text. The Saint John’s Bible, the first hand illuminated Bible made in over 500 years, is a seven volume set designed by Donald Jackson, scribe to the Queen of England and commissioned by the Benedictine monks at Saint John’s Abbey. Jackson has said, “The continuous process of remaining open and accepting of what may reveal itself through hand and heart on a crafted page is the closest I have ever come to God.” Azusa Pacific University Libraries Special Collections has, for this academic year alone, two volumes from The Heritage Edition of the Saint John’s Bible. The Smithsonian Magazine calls this “one of the extraordinary undertakings of our time.” Discover the power of these illuminated texts, turn their pages and see how truth is transformed into love through beauty.


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